February 11, 2007

main bath - last wall

The bathroom is slowly getting done, one piece of sheet rock at a time. During the destruction phase of this project and a bit into the reconstruction I was able to take the entire ~ 7 or 8 hour day on Sat and work... This is not the case anymore which is ok with me.. I have a family and attention needs to be paid to the little ones.

I have an active helper now on Sat (sometimes two) work is slower than before but this is also partly to blame on me. Some times I don't feal motivated to do this bathroom project (I just want to play with computers or go outside - althought its frigin cold right now). After a weekend of 'work' on the bathroom the tool situation as well as the basement and bathroom are a wreck. I am starting to do a bit more work during the weeknights but this is slow as well, Monday is spent cleaning up the aftermath of the weekend and some little bits and pieces are able to be done on Tue / Wed / Thur depending on how tired I am. This week I will get the angle bench finished up and ready to go along with the TP holder backing block.

I still have my goal of having the sheet rock up and the shower area enclosed ready for Kirdi before we go to Germany. I think this is do-able. :-) It won't be taped and mudded but that is ok with me ... for now.

January 31, 2007

weekend wall

This past weekend was actually very successfull in the bathroom area. I was able to get the entire wall of sheetrock up on the wall that separates the bathroom from our MBR. This will enable me to work at night (like that will actually happen) on the bathroom. :-)

Dispite it taking me 2 days to get the sheetrock in place its there now. This wall did have alot of holes to account for in my cuts. I also had to get the shower cubby (niche) in place before I could get the wall closed up. The shower cubby (niche) is very nice if I dont say so myself. The wall will be insulated when ever I get into that space from the other side (roughly 1.5 years from now) but none the less its up and only one more outside wall to sheetrock.

Matthew stays very ocupied with the plugs from the tools I'm not using. He has an extention cord that is not plugged into anything that he uses the female end of then plugs and unpulgs the various tools. He seems to enjoy this and has his own things that he is doing. I usually have to ask to use the drill when needed. :-) But he will usually let me use it without too much fuss ..

.... Ahhhh remodeling with preschoolers

January 20, 2007

bathrom saga

Well I think I'll change the bathroom project into a bathroom saga.. I hope to be done with this project in early early summer. I don't know how realistic that is but hey .. working with my sometimes two helpers on saturdays for a few hours doesn't exactly lend well to puttin in the hours on a project. I'll get it done sometime.

I was able to get my single piece of dry wall hung today.. yeppie :-) This wall is hard because now I have to deal with cutouts for the electric boxes and shower junk. I'm planning on getting the rest of that wall rocked next weekend. (we'll see how that goes)

October 21, 2006

Back to work

Last week was homecoming for IUP so I took it easy and did some cleaning and help around the house before we went to the parade and football game.

So this weekend back to work. Dispite not having alot to show for my work to day I still feel like I got alot acomplished. And something always comes up .. like the boiler starting to drip water from somewhere. (I'm still looking into this one) Will post later on the findings.

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October 1, 2006

walls & inch worms

I had hoped to get more of the walls covered with drywall than I did, but things happen. I got a good start anyway and know my plan of attack for future drywall days. Remember this is my first drywall experience. :-)

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September 25, 2006

looking up

Her is a shot of looking up. Didn't think I would ever see that ...

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September 17, 2006

plumbing / insulation

Since I'm a PEX expert now I figured I would fix the splice that the plumber left. Oh yea I installed some insulation as well.

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August 28, 2006

First PEX

Time to get the plumbing stubbed out rather than just flopping in the room. After finding out how to finish off the pex to valve connections with the help of a great site FHB. I've been creating copper ells down in the work shop.

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