Hey wow..


Hey, wow I finally got the roof buttoned up on the 'new' shed. That only took like 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. yea 4.5 months! That's way above average on projects around here.

I put the last of the ridge cap shingles on this afternoon when I got home a bit early.

OK now for the inside....

baby its cold in here!


Well the mercury was at 55 F this am when Matthew and I awoke (0630) to get the fire going.

This radiator-less house is fairly good at not retaining heat during the night. All I can say about Melissa and the boys is that they are being troupers through all of this.

Yea I missed a post or two... (perhaps more) back in September, somewhere around the 18th I think, we moved all the radiators out of the house (via moving co.) and down to a place that would sandblast then powder-coat them.

So.. long story short there has been no heat in this house since then.

movement on a project?


Wow! There was progress on a couple things around here today.

I need a big concrete lorry!

Dad was in charge of finishing up the tub surround. Which required the re-cutting of a few complicated angles. He reported finishing this up, (I haven't checked it yet).

While he was doing that I started mixing and pouring some concrete for the floor of the future shed. I was able to get two feet of the slab done. This is the first ever concrete I have dealt with. Quite a fun experience... but a mixer would be better!

I owe much of the actual progress of the two foot section to Mom. She was the official time keeper and the one who kept prodding the mixer (Dad) along.

what I need


Needed low maintenance, weed free front yard.

I spent some time this afternoon doing the first over in the front yard. Man I don't really like yard work. I need to find a setup that can remain weed free with the least bit of effort on my end. The bare dirt waiting for weeds isnt working any more.

The back gets trampled, driven on, and dug-up by the little ones so I'm not really worried about how it looks, its just a giant play area for the boys. The front however, is what people walk by and actually see. Who knows someday I might get to planting some grass up front.

non house related


Ok so this post is not house related. Its mainly just a test post from facebook using the Blog It tool from sixApart.

I think I'll link my twitter account here as well to see

what that does.

This is a sweet tool ... web2.0 action for ya.

three projects


Writing stuff down is one of the ways to visualize your thoughts. So here are three things I'm writing down that _need_ to get done this summer along with some yard changes.

  • Basement windows. I think I'll contract these if I can I want 95% of them glassblocked
  • Front porch and play room new gutters
  • Three new 2nd floor storm windows.
  • There goes, visualize the thoughts..

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