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Old houses and multiple projects

Well we have returned from a week or so vacation to Virginia where we stayed with my Aunt in her very nice old house in Norfolk. This was fun for me for a few reasons. First it was a total family affair, Aunts, Uncles, cusons, brothers, sisters, etc etc.. that was all fun in itself. The other reason was the house was very fun and old and interesting, (rember I like old houses or I wouldn't be living in this old dump fixing it up :)

It was interesting to me that dispite the more afluent area and the house itself being on a far grander scale. There were still most of the old house characteristics, slightly uneven floors, dipping floor areas where radiators are placed, single pane windows with standard storm windows as well, a retrofit of AC into an old structure. It was fun to be there for some time and check out the house, but of course the purpose of the visti was family :-)

Ok now the list of projects that are ongoing:
. bathroom (very slowly) *
. front yard stone wall **
. structured wire (yes its started)
. dry lock basement ***

* havent really touched this project in a while. will start working on Sat afternoons when
its too hot to be out side.
** yes the stump is out (Nick). the front yard looks like a big dirt pile and a big hole
*** my dad helped me kick off this project when he came up for a few days after
the family get together in Norfolk