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Suspiscions Confirmed

Well first of all the blog is not dead... (seems like it some times) :-)

I have learned that there is more to life than house and house projects. We have 2 boys that are growing up fast and need interaction that I don't want to miss out on. We also took a family vacation to Germany the first two weeks in March.

Since back from the vacation we have decided to curb the bathroom project a bit. And tend to some house stuff that needs organizing and being a family in the mean time. That said...

We have been working on the outside for the past two weekends, since the weather has been so nice. This weekend I chose to try and rid our front yard of the roughly 15 year old rotting stump left by the PO. Some may remember the ant problem . The majority of the reading I did on this subject indicated that outside there would be a very large colony some where. Perhaps rotting tree / stump / etc etc. Since the weather is still cold at night the ants are still in a dormant state. This means it is a good time to remove the stump, most likely an ant hotel / city.

I began to dig and excavate the stump


And then what happened?!

You can't leave me hanging like this!

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