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Moving dirt

Moving dirt is fun work if you have the correct tools also if you are 2-1/2 years old. We had company over the past week so not too much was done on the AC project dispite the great cool weather that we had. This past week would have been perfect to take off and work non-stop in the attic - Oh well.

I did however get my dad to help in the removal of roughly 1.5 cubic yards of dirt in preparation of where the condenser unit will sit. This task was only slightly inhibited by the fact that I don't own a wheel-barrow yet. In absense of that wonderfull tool we used two 1.5 gal buckets... that adds up to alot of trips with the buckets. It actually ended up not being too bad and Matthew got to help us a bit as well.

So now for that section of the project I need to lay down some ground cloth stuff and put down the gravel. After that we will be ready for the pad to be poured and set.